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Emergency Services in Salem

The importance of effective handling of emergency situations is beyond question. Whether it is emergency raised due to natural factors or man-made disasters leading to emergencies, immediate handling of the same has to be done. Accidents on roads, common areas, homes or workplaces are the most common types of emergencies and need immediate help from police and hospitals. Emergency resulting due to outbreak of fire needs to be handled with the coordination of fire-fighters, police and health care people. Police plays an important role in handling almost all types of emergency situations.

Emergencies in Salem

Ranging from handling law & order including theft, burglary, rape, molestation to traffic management, police has a big role to play. Blood Banks & chemist shops can save hundreds of lives during emergency. Here you will get to know how to handle emergencies in Salem:

Police Stations in Salem:

Salem City has its law and order maintained by Tamil Nadu Police. The police department in Salem is a sub-division of Tamil Nadu Police and has a Deputy Superintendent as its head. Total of four police stations are there in the town and one of these stations is completely run by women police. Special units are run by the police and include units for district crime records, social justice, managing social justice, ensuring human rights, district crime and also a special branch.

Special units are headed by Superintendent of Police. Management of traffic is also done by the police department. Separate phone number is there for handling the cyber crime. Police Department is prompt in dealing with any crime issue and others. Here are the important phone numbers of Salem Police.

Commissioner of Police: 0427 241 6000 / 0427 240 1122 (R)
Deputy Commissioner (Law & Order): 0427 241 6900 / 0427 221 1998 (R)
Deputy Commissioner (Crime & traffic): 0427 241 6602
Email of Commissioner Office: copslm@gmail.com

Fire Stations in Salem:

Sudden outbreak of fire is the cause of huge casualties.  When there is sudden outbreak of fire, people get perplexed and do not know whom to call. Fire Service in Tamil Nadu is considered as the most efficient one and Salem Fire Service can be called when fire accidents happen and to rescue people or animals caught in such situation.  Fire Services play very important role in fire fighting and fire prevention.

Every year properties worth crores of rupees get saved by the fire service department. Not only in case of fire but, fire stations can be given call when road or rail accidents happen, during floods or earthquakes to rescue people who are caught in the debris of buildings and others. For any man-made or natural calamity, fire services have to be called immediately.

Fire Stations in Salem

Emergency Fire Service: 101
Divisional Office Fire & Rescue Service

150 A
Manimegalai Stree
Phone no: 0427 244 0938

Blood Banks in Salem:

The role of blood banks could not be denied in the modern healthcare system. By transfusing blood, it is possible to save life of people during critical situations like surgeries, accidents or intensive care units. Blood banks also play important role in saving children and others who need regular blood transfusion as they suffer from blood disorders like Sickle cell Anemia or Thalassemia or others.

Blood banks in Salem, Tamil Nadu is known for their prompt services. Regular blood donation camps are also organized by them. Proper collection of blood, component separation, storage of the same, detection of virus etc are done by the well equipped blood banks in Salem.

Blood Banks in Salem

Salem Blood Bank

3rd Agraharam
Opposite to Kasivishwanathar Temple
Salem - 636001
Phone no.: 0427 226 542
Mobile no.: 09585 500 113 / 09600 940 016
Website: www.salembloobank.com
Email- info@salembloodbank.com

Eye Banks in Salem:

Eye banks store eyes so that they could be used for cornea transplant, sclera reconstruction and also for doing researches. Salem being one of the most important cities of Tamilnadu has got eye banks that have been serving sightless people for long.

Eye Bank in Salem:

Lotus Eye Care Hospital-Peramanur Center

Peramanur East Street
Mayor Nagar
Behind Mitila Hotel

Other Eye Banks in Salem are:

  • T.M.S Eye Hospital
  • S.P.M.M Hospital
  • Vasan Eye Care Hospital
  • Salem Eye Bank

Ambulance in Salem:

Certain situations in our lives demand immediate medical care and even a fraction of delay may be life-threatening. In case of accident, outbreak of fire or man-made or natural disasters, ambulance in Salem is of great importance. Ambulances are available in Salem from different hospitals as well as private organizations. When they are called, they immediately reach the destination.

Whether a critical patient has to be carried from a rural area of if victims of fire , accident or any other disaster need to be carried to the immediate health care center. 24 hours ambulance services are also available. In some of these modern ambulances, doctors and other equipments for primary health care are also provided. Here you will get the list of ambulance services in Salem.

Emergency Ambulance: 108
Government Hospital Ambulance in Salem: 0427 221 0563
St. John’s Ambulance: 0427 231 9395
GB Hospital Ambulance: 0427 233 3111

Chemists in Salem:

None of us can deny the role of chemists in our life. In case of emergency situations that may crop up at home, workplace or roads, having a chemists shop in nearby location is very important. A proper chemist shop will not only have medicines of all kinds but would also provide with the emergency requirements like oxygen cylinders, first-aid facilities etc.

Chemists in Salem ensure immediate services are provided to the customers. Some of the Chemists Shops in Salem are opened 24 hours. Chemists’ shops have properly trained pharmacists too. Some of the chemists shop in Salem offer discounts on the purchase made. Few pharmacies have branches all over Salem.

Chemists in Salem

List of Chemists in Salem:

  • Thulasi Pharmacy, Advaitha Ashram Road
  • Apollo Pharmacy, Peramanur Main Road

Animal Care in Salem:

Animal Care is an important issue especially for the ones who keep pets of different kind. Regular care is needed for the pets and in case of emergencies also they must be taken to the respective vet clinic. There are some private and public organizations in Salem that work for the welfare of animals. Animal Welfare Organizations work selflessly for the cause of animals. There are organizations that take care of street animals on regular basis as well as in emergencies. Animal Care center also helps in adoption of animals.

Animal Care in Salem

Animal Care Centers in Salem:

  • SPCA Salem, Kannan Kurichi Road
  • Sustainable Life Trust, Kamraj Nagar Colony

Disaster Management in Salem:

Natural and man-made disasters are increasing in numbers. Earthquakes, floods, flush floods etc are different natural disasters that take toll on life of people and animals and also cause damage to the properties worth crores of rupees. Railway accident, aero plane crash or bus accidents that can happen any time also need to be managed efficiently and disaster Management has an important role to play in it. Disaster management personals arrange for handling helpless people who become victim of sudden disasters.

Not only providing aids for physical problems but victims need immediate trauma management too. Disaster Management personals have proper training to handle any kind of emergency situation. Disaster Management is Salem have required preparation for the unforeseen natural or man-made calamities.

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