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Fairs and Festivals in Salem

Festivals are known to cut through the caste, creed and other disparities that are known to divide a group of people. It is always a feast to the eye when people defying all the boundaries drum up for the special occasions that distinguishes a culture. In other words these festivals make the culture and are the recourse to preserve the identity in the whims of our life when miscellaneous whammy acts are pervasive. Salem is no different from the rest of Tamil Nadu in solemnizing the rich and resplendent festivals across the district.

Festivals in Salem
Fairs and Festivals in Salem

Festivals like Bhogi, Pongal, Mattu Pongal, Samathuva Pongal are very well celebrated in Salem besides the festivals in the varied temples lingering the whole of the year.  People of all age groups garner for the sundry festivals to uphold the spirit of the Tamil. It is always recommended to visit Tamil Nadu during the Pongal season when Bhogi, Maatu Pongal, Samathuva Pongal are also concurrently observed and it falls typically in January. The relevant cultural info of Tamil Nadu, in this case of Salem is definitely procured during these exuberant fiestas.

Some of the important festivals enjoyed across the district are enlisted below:

Mariamman Festival in SalemMariamman Festival

An incarnation of power, temples devoted to the Deity Mariamman is erected all around Salem.

The Mariamman festival is celebrated annually in July for a fortnight where by the deity is adorned in jewels and carried in a flower chariot around the city.

The first day marks the people walking on fire and the second day is more enriching with  parades of people garbed in fancy attires.

The shrines of Fort, Ammapet, Gugai, Shevapet, Andheripeti are the renowned Mariamman temples in Salem.

Aadi Festival in Kottai Mariamman Temple

Aadi festival is celebrated concurrently with an event named as Poochaatu which extends for 15 days.  The charted programmes are planting Kambam, inviting The Mother of Power, urulundam that offers pongal to the deities Mariamman and Maha Abhishek, Karaka- a folk dance by group of men and women flaunting pots on the heads without touching and balancing merely by body movement.

Festivals in Salem
Aadi Festival

Aadi festival is emphasized by the distribution of flowers to other Mariamman temples.

Car Festival in Shevapet Mariamman Temple

Car Festival in Shevapet Mariamman Temple

The Shevapet Mariamman car festival conducted annually in the months of July-August is one of the popular festivals of the district which extends for a week.  It is one of the biggest car festival among the Amman car festivals in Tamil Nadu.

Festival in Servaroyan Temple:

Situated atop the Servaroyam hill is the Servaroyan temple in a dark cave appeasing the Lord Servaroyan and Lord Cauvery, the main deities in the temple. Festival in the temple is conducted annually every May.

Festivals in Salem

Vinaya Chathurthi Festival in Rajaganapathi Temple:

The ten day festival is celebrated with ebullience in the Sri Rajaganapthi temple during the month of Avani (August- September). The deity of Ganapathi is draped in golden Kavachas during the first day. The third day is flagged as the wedding day. On the 8th day is the Muthangi Seva which is very prominent. The tenth day is marked by a procession in which the deity is taken in the flower garbed palanquin.

Samathuva Pongal:

A week before the pongal is celebrated as the Samathuva Pongal.  It mainly showcases the Tamil culture by various cultural activities, children’s fancy dress to promote the Tamil ethos, the procession of deities in bullock carts. In the back drop of music, various events are performed including the ‘silambam’- the fight with the sticks.

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