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Society in Salem

Salem is one of the economically developed cities of Tamil Nadu. It is the fifth largest city of Tamil Nadu and has created special place with continuous economical and social development. The City houses numerous schools and colleges offering standard education to the children and youngsters. The city has enough options for various career options in the cities. Apart from conventional jobs, the city offers ample job opportunities in IT industry and others.

Society in Salem

Salem is developing at remarkable rate but that does not mean the city does not have orphans, destitute and poor people. Salem like any other modern city of the world has got many non-profit organizations and trusts that run old age homes, orphanages, blind welfare centers, women welfare centers, and others. These organizations aim at improving the conditions of poor and destitute especially the children, women and elderly people. Children and young ones are provided with primary education and are trained properly so that they could earn money for their living.

Special projects and workshops are also offered for sex workers so that they could come back to the normal social life.  Here some important NGOs, orphanages, old age homes, blind and welfare centers and their services are discussed. All of them work towards betterment of the society. 

NGOs in Salem

NGO or Non Profit Organizations are associations that work independently without the help of government.  The NGO organizations are involved in different types of social activities and are not supposed to get into any type of commercial activity. Such organizations collect their funds through donations and charities from within the country and also from outside the country. Salem City has many NGOs operating and some of them have wide spectrum of activities to perform for the betterment of the society.

Salem District People Service Society is one such NGO that has got many beneficiaries and has been serving with its multifaceted services/activities/products. The beneficiaries of SDPSS are women, children, youth, and poor from rural & urban areas, disabled people, sex workers and displaced people. The areas the various activities of NGO focus at are pre-school education, livelihood through cluster development, common facility centers, conservation of nature by providing required education on environment, and health through its work on HIV/AIDS, autism and others.

NGO in Salem

Most of these NGOs in Salem focus at providing primary education, generating employment and work for eradication of child labor by helping these children to regular school. NGOs work for empowering women by creating cooperatives and help in providing jobs and generating income.

Orphanages in Salem

There is no curse than being an orphan. There are numerous children who have to spend their childhood in different orphanages because they do not have anyone to look after them.  Salem in Tamil Nadu houses many orphanages to give shelter to children so that they could get better childhood and receive the basic requirements of their lives. Not only these children get primary education at these orphanages but they do go through vocational trainings so that they could earn their livelihood in future and live a respectful life.

One such orphanage in Salem is the House of Peace Orphanage run by Indian Christian Mission Center. The orphanage serves poor communities in Salem City as well as around it.  There is no doubt that each child deserves care and love. Several hundreds of children in and Salem are served by this orphanage. Children are ushered with love and care at this orphanage. They are provided with education and other relevant qualifications so that in future they do not have problems in earning money. Children are also offered to have healthy and secured friendship with their peers so that they can be part of the society.

Old Age Homes in Salem

In the modern society, elderly people are the most neglected one because young generation does not have time for the elderly people. Old age homes have elderly people who cannot stay at their homes because they do not have anyone to look after them or their children are out of the country of city and they need a secured place to stay and looked after. Many Indian Cities have got old age homes to allow elderly people admitted in lieu of certain one-time charge or monthly fees. Salem too has some old age homes run by trusts or organizations where elderly people are taken care of well.

Old age homes not only provide staying places for these elderly people but they do have proper food and health checkups on regular basis. They are taken for local city tours on special days so that they could enjoy their life in normal ways.

Vivegam Godfrey Trust is working in Danishpet slightly away from Salem and its main focus areas are school dropouts, destitute women, village children and elderly people.

Women Welfare in Salem:

Women in Indian Society are still to get proper education so that they could get equal status in the Indian Society. Women in rural as well as urban areas on Salem are benefitted by different welfare schemes that are taken up by the government as well as non-government organizations. These schemes aim at serving poor women of the city and rural areas, sex workers, young girls and destitute women. School drop outs are taken care of by providing noon-meals at primary schools and Angawadi schemes like it is done in other parts of the country.

Women Welfare in Salem

Special vocational trainings, health check-ups, proper means for birth control, child care, personal hygiene for mother and children etc are also the part of these welfare schemes. These welfare schemes have successfully enhanced the living qualities in the remote areas of Salem and also in the city and infant mortality and death rate of pregnant women, malnutrition and sexually infectious diseases have reduced in numbers.

Blind Welfare in Salem:

Eyes help us to enjoy the world around. Normal people cannot imagine lives without eyes. Visually impaired people if provided with special training can lead normal life. Many welfare trusts and organizations work across various parts of India to help these visually challenged people by providing them the required education and training so that they could get jobs and earn living to lead respectful life.  There are government blind schools where children receive standard education.  One such is Govt. Blind Middle School at Shevapet. Tamil Nadu Blind Welfare Society also helps in serving the visually impaired people in various ways.

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