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Sri Gokulam Hospital

Salem is ranked 4th in Tamil Nadu State on the parameter of urbanization. As part of rapid urbanization in Salem, standard of healthcare in Salem District has attained a soaring height. Hospitals, both private and public, nursing homes, primary health care centers in Salem have made the district one of the most sought after in terms of healthcare. Not only people from the district come to the hospitals to seek varieties of health care facilities but people from the neighboring cities and town come to have affordable and quality healthcare services.

Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem

Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem is considered as one of the leading hospitals in Salem that has already created its own mark in the healthcare industry.

About Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem

The hospital was set up in the year 1988 with an aim to provide premium quality healthcare services to people of all classes in Salem and also to the people from the neighboring areas. Since its establishment in late 80s, Sri Gokulam Hospital has been able to provide premium healthcare services with the help of modern and latest medical equipments and technologies and also by having a team of qualified and dedicated doctors, specialist doctors and support staffs. The hospital prides itself by providing in-patient care to about 300 people at a time and having the best diagnostic equipments to ensure people have correct diagnosis of their ailment and could get treated fast. The ultimate aim of Sri Gokulam Hospital is to provide comprehensive healthcare at affordable price and make the district self-sufficient in it.

Departments in Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem:

There are medical as well as surgical departments in Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem. Here is the list of various departments of this hospital and the facilities offered.

Toxicology Department:

Treatment is provided for sleeping pill overdose or overdose of other medicines. Treatment for snake bites, scorpion and bee stings are also offered. Any cases of poisoning due to industrial chemicals, pesticides, insect sprays and/or solutions, weedicides, inhalers, drugs etc are also treated effectively in this department.

Psychiatry Department:

Psychiatry treatment for adult, kids and adolescents are offered here. Effect treatment for any kind of psychiatry disorder, de-addiction cases, trauma treatment due to marital rejection or other relationship problems are also offered at this department.


Any neurological problem has treatment at this department. Timely and effective treatment is provided for continuous headaches, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Sleep disorders, dementia, any type of problem related to nerves (meningitis and others), mental retardation, stroke, epilepsy and others.

Nephrology Department:

Treatments are provided for infections of urinary tracts, acute as well as chronic renal failures and nephropathies ( DM & HT). Dialysis facilities are also there.  Haemo and peritoneal dialysis facilities are offered here at affordable cost.

Pulmonology Department:

Treatment is provided for ailments like tuberculosis, tumors, asthma, acute pulmonary infections, removal of foreign body and other lung infections.

Neuro Surgery Department:

Specialist surgeons are there in the neuro surgery department of Sri Gokulam Hospital to treat spine problems, vertebral fracture, head injuries, any kind of vascular malformation, brain tumors, tumors of pituitary glands, endoscopic and micro surgery of nerves and trauma treatment.

Rheumatology Department:

Treatment is provided for diseases related to bones, joints, muscle tendons, ligaments, and connecting tissues. Micro Vasculopathies are also offered at this department.

Endoscopic Services Department:

Experienced and qualified medical persons perform endoscopy of upper GI, Colonoscopy, ureterascopy, arthroscopy, bronchoscopy, laparoscopay for adults and children, and cysto uretheroscopy.  Hysterascopy and neuro endoscopy are also done here.

Urology and Andrology Department:

Congenital defects of any kind get treated very efficiently at this department of Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem.  Surgery for post-urethral Valve,mega ureter, urinary stones, tumors in urogential areas, etc. are offered here. Benign and malignant tumors of kidney, bladder and prostrate glands are also treated here.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics & Infertility Department:

This department is well equipped with specialized doctors and latest equipments for monitoring high risk pregnancy, congenital problems, infertility, malignancy etc. the neonatology department is fully equipped with tools and specialized doctors. Micro surgeries like tubal recanalization are also done here at this department. Identification of infertility and effective treatment for the same is offered here. Laparoscopy for removal of fibroids, blocks in the tubes etc are also done here.

Surgery Department of Sri Gokulam Hospital, Salem

Surgical Gastro and Laparoscopy surgery Department:

Gall Bladder surgery, liver surgery, pancreatic surgery, treating GI malignancy, small bowel & large bowel surgery, bariatric surgery, appendix removal, and treatment of abdominal trauma are also done at this department.

Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery Department:

All types of congenital anomalies, valve replacement surgery, treatment of chest injuries, valve replacement surgery, CBAG (coronary bypass surgery) etc are done by efficient people at this department.

Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology Department:

This department offers services like treatment for heart attacks, congenital heart disease, valve disease, ischemic heart etc. The surgical interventions like coronary angioplasty, setting of pace maker and treating septal closure, cardiac catheterization for children are done at this department.  Intensive Coronary care Unit is there to offer comprehensive treatment for any kind of cardiac problem.

Gastro Enterology & Hepatology (Medical & Interventional) Department:

Treatment for gastric and intestinal ulcers, endoscopy of upper GI, cocloscopy, and treating acute pancreatitis are done at this department of Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem.

Plastic, Facio Maxillary, Cosmetic & Hand Surgery Department:

Cleft Lip surgery and surgery for any type of palate and congenital anomaly, plastic surgery for burns, cosmetic surgery for uplift of breast, body and face, facio maxillary surgery, hand surgery and reconstructive surgeries are done at this department.

Orthopaedics Department:

Treatments are provided for bone, ligament, and muscle and tendon injury. Any kind of bone and joint infection treatment, joint replacement like hip & knee replacement, congenital musculoskeletal deformity treatment, pediatric orthopedic surgery etc are done at this department.

Pediatrics & Neonatology Pediatric Surgery:

Specialized pediatricians and fully equipped neonatology department at this hospital offer seamless treatment for newborns and infants. Complete immunization is offered for the kids. Critical Care for infants, proper care for premature and underweight babies, treating babies with various congenital defects and inborn metabolism errors are offered at pediatrics department of Sri Gokulam. The neonatal unit is fully equipped with tools like incubators, ventilators, monitors, warmer, blood transfusion arrangement and peritoneal dialysis.

Contact Sri Gokulam Hospital Salem

Sri Gokulam Hospital in Salem can be easily reached because it is located near the New Bus Stand and Salem Railway Station.

Address of Administrative Office of Sri Gokulam Hospital
3/60 Meyyanur Road
Salem 636004
Phone No.: 0427 2448171/72/73/74/75/76 /  0427 2449965
Emergency Numbers: 0427 2440404 / 0427 2440606

Fax: 0427 2447077
Email Id:           

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