Food in Salem

A region is characterized by its traditions and cuisines. Very vaguely the traditions and the cuisines comprises of the culture of a particular region. Tamil Nadu has a very rich, raucous and enticing culture and it is vividly highlighted all over the state. The cuisines enjoyed by the Tamilians are also typical and we can see a lot of predilection for vegetarian dishes. And hence bevy of vegetarian restaurants is erected around the state. Salem has its share of restaurants, fast food courts, Chinese restaurants, organic food dealers and retailers. Listed below are the places to enjoy the varied cuisines in Salem.

Traditional Meal of Salem:

Fresh coconut, asafetida, turmeric, red chili, tamarind is an inherent part of Tamil cuisine. All these are essentially sautéed in either coconut oil or gingerly oil. Dhosa, Idly, Upma, vada, Pongola are the signature Tiffin dishes with sambar and coconut chutney or Milagai podi as combination. To top it, the hot filter coffee complements it to the hilt.

Traditional meal of Salem

Rice is the main course served in South India for lunch and dinner; Salem is no different as it is termed as the ‘sappadu’. The curry varies and comprises of sambar, avail, kootu, rasam, stews or curds/ yoghurts. The sappadu is supplied on a banana leaf or steel plate and quintessentially eaten with hands.
The vegetables mostly cooked and incorporated with the sappadu are bringal, gourds, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, French beans, and drumstick etc. Non vegetarian meal includes fried fish, crab, chicken etc. but fish dominates among them.

Payasam is typically served with the meal as the sweet dish and there umpteen varieties of it like vermicelli, jiggery, rice, dal etc. Sweet Pongola, Coconut Barfi, Adhirasam are some of other sweets part of the cuisine in Salem. Finally the meal ends with a glass of butter milk.

Restaurants in Salem:

  • Cliftons Inn, Rahms Road, Near Five Road, Salem
  • Ponram Hotel, 254 Omalur Main Road, Peramannoor, Salem
  • Hotel Grand Palace, Kiliyur Falls Road, Yercaud, Salem
  • Hotel LRN Excellency, 7, Saradha College, Salem
  • Hotel Cenneys Gateway, 97/4, Saradha College, Main Road, Salem
  • GRT Nature Trails, No 20th Hairpin Bend, Salem-Yercaud, Main Road, Salem
  • Quality Food, Agraharam Street, Agraharam, Salem
  • Salem Kitchen Restaurant, Chitukoil Street, Salem
  • Shevaroys International Food Mall, No 6/58, Meyyanoor Road, Agraharam, Salem
  • Aroma Restaurant, Sri Sharada College Road, Alagapuram, Salem
  • Green Park Restaurant, Sri Sharada Collegeroad, Alagapuram, Salem
  • Baarb Queen Halal Restaurant Five Road Junction, Main Road, Salem
  • Sangeetha Restaurant, Sri Sharada College Road, Alagapuram, Salem

Vegetarian Restaurants in Salem:

The vegetarian food is considered as one of the healthiest food as they have lots of minerals and vitamins which help in staying healthy. The people of Salem do love the vegetarian food and some of the popular vegetarian dishes include different types of Dhosa, Idly and lots other.

Food in Salem

Some of the vegetarian restaurants in Salem are:

  • Vasantha Priya Restaurant, Opposite To New Bus Stand, Meyyanur, LIC Colony Road, Salem
  • Sri Lekha Hotel, Five Road, Sri Sharada College, Alagapuram, Salem,
  • Sri Krishna Hotel, Near Town Railway Station, Agraharam Road, Salem
  • Om Shakthi Tiffin Center, Near Bus Stand, Salem
  • Sri Saravana Bhavan Hotel, Near New Bus Stand, Alagapuram, Omalur Main Road, Salem

Fast Foods and Bakeries in Salem:

Dominoes Pizza, Big Chick, Pizza Corner, Boomerang Ice creams, Purav Sukhsagar Restaurant, Kevis Restaurant, Marry Brown are the central point where you receive fast foods and pastries in Salem.

Chinese Restaurants in Salem:

Some of the places to enjoy the Chinese cuisine in Salem are:

  • Little China, 320, 7th Cross, Salem,
  • Argees Restaurant, No.20, Near Ramakrishna Park, Ramakrishna Road, Salem,
  • Hotel Salem Shevaroys, Meyyanur Main Road, Salem
  • Organic Food Product dealers
  • Some of the dealers of Organic Food in Salem are:
  • Green Drops, No.113, Near Shivani Beauty Parlor, Green Ways Road, Fair Lands, Salem,
  • Destination Nature, Om Shakthi Complex Salem,
  • Organic Food World, North Alagapuram, Kanakkupillai Street, Fairlands, Salem
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