Panamarathupatti Lake

Panamaruthupatti, a village in the Salem district is abode to the Panamaruthupatti Lake build by the British over a century ago. Also known as Vedhanthangal of Salem District, the place attracts a lot of birds during particular seasons. Spanning an area of 2139 acres the plan to build the lake was sanctioned in 1908 during the British era to disseminate the water supply to the nearby Salem and Namakkal regions.

The manual lake construction was completed by the municipal administration in 1911 with a whopping 9.68 lakh budget and has Varattaru and Kootaru rivers as its source of water. Intake tower and filter beds are implicit in the lake having 1248m in length and 306 m in depth. It was the main recourse to the people of Salem for water until the Mettur Dam was established in 1952.

Panamaruthupatty Lake, Salem

About Panamaruthupatti Lake:

Panamaruthupatti Lake was besieged by the infringers as the successive administration commenced to become increasingly delinquent and feckless unable to protect the archaic engineering marvel.  It continued until 2004 as the administration stepped in to ward off all the transgression as concurrently 50 % of the land was encroached when the decision to reinstate the land was made.  Entrenching of iron mesh around the water body to curb the pilfering of water and other encroachments was one of the measures adopted by the administration.

Panamaruthupatty Lake of Salem

The civic administration then propositioned some developmental programmes for the Lake and also the resolution to fortify its bunds was made.  A scheme was envisaged to make it an alternative source of water particularly when the water scarcity exacerbates in the region and also to make the spot apt for eco tourism but it was abandoned for unknown reasons.

The unmitigated narrowing of the catchment area together with the farmers selling their land to migrate to the cities which in turn is salutary to the encroachers has inflamed the maintenance of the lake as it continued to get dried. Now the construction of 55 check dams by the PWD and the Forest department across the Kootaru and Varattaru rivers has impaired the supply of water to the Panamaruthupatti Lake as the last supply was in 2004.

Panamaruthupatty Lake

In 2012, the official has again strived to restrain encroachments by removing the agricultural lands in the vicinity and retrieved the catchment area which is spread to over 356 acres of land of the lake. All in all 200 acres of land had been rescinded of the infringements.

How to Reach Panamaruthupatti:

Panamaruthupatti is just 20-30 minutes drive away from Salem city as a sharp divergence from the Namakkal NH-7 leads to the village. There are also frequent bus services from the old bus stand of Salem to Panamaruthupatti.

Driving Direction from Salem to Panamaruthupatti:

Starting Point: Salem, Tamil Nadu

  1. Head 1.8 km north west on the Omalur Main Road
  2. Take 2nd exit from the roundabout to SH 188
  3. Take 1st exit at the next round about to NH-7
  4. Turn right to 0.8 km in the Salem-Namakkal-Trichy Road
  5. Straight for 3.4 km in the same road
  6. Turn left 0.5 km to the Service Road
  7. Steer  left 2.2 km to Gajjalnaickenpatti-Seshanchavadi road
  8. Turn left at SBI ATM and drive 2.6 km to the Lake Road
Destination: Panamaruthupatti Lake

The distance covered from Salem to Panamaruthupatti Lake is 19 km on road and if you are a surging traveler who prefers to hit the road, then there is no better alternative.
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